We use the power of the river.

River fleet

For decades, Leget's boatmen cruise the rivers of Serbia and allow for the transportation of millions of tons of cargo.

In the meantime, the fleet has grown and was rebuilt, and today it consists of 4 pullers, 5 self-propelled vehicles, a total load capacity of 3000t and 17 load-bearing facilities with a total capacity of 8000t.

The fleet mostly and often transports bulk cargo and logs. Transport license number: 342-01-00336/2017-06 issued 07.09.2017 by the Ministry of Transport.

The inseparable part of the river fleet is licensed 24h service by experienced reparmen, locksmiths, hydraulics repairmen, electricians, which enables safe and constant service of the river fleet.

With experience.

Finally, it should be noted that Leget navigators are considered to be the best experts in the Sava River and are often used for pilotage by other shipping companies.