6000 cubic meters of gravel. Today? Yes, we can.
As well as tomorrow and every other day.


Two excavator ships, one reefer ship, three unloading plants, together with a fleet,
represent a strong and reliable partner with decades of experience in the exploitation
of gravel as well as maintenance of channels.

Due to their geographical position, the gravel and fractions that we deliver are one of the highest quality natural materials on the territory of Serbia, considering the fact that the aggregates in question are those thrown out by the mighty river Drina. Fractions of this same gravel (whose hardness is close to that of the eruptives) are used, among other things, for the construction of the runway of the Nikola Tesla Airport, the Danube bridge near Beska and many others.

What we pride ourselves on is cooperation with all the largest producers of cement and concrete and the largest construction companies in the country and the region. Naturally, we have all the necessary permits for digging gravel and sand from river watercourses. Along with our aggregates we also deliver certificates of authorized laboratories on the granulometric composition, while our own laboratory regularly performs the analysis of the excavated quantities.

Our warranty is half a century and over 50 million tons of excavated quantities.